BWL Workshop - Improve your lifting

BWL Workshop - Improve your lifting


What Are BWL Workshops?

  • 5 hour workshop with the best UK weightlifting coaches, including Olympic, Commonwealth and National coaches.

  • Get a full breakdown and coaching session on both snatch and clean & jerk.

  • Learn a range of accessory movements to add to your current training/programming.

  • Learn how to lift safely.

  • Learn how to warm up correctly for both snatch and clean & jerk.

Who Are They For?

BWL Workshops are ideal for:

  • Those who are familiar with weightlifting movements.

  • Those with basic knowledge of how to perform Olympic style weightlifting.

  • Those who compete in Olympic weight lifting.

  • Those who want to improve technique, add to their total or get some invaluable coaching from the best.


Use the drop-down below to select the date/location of the course you would like to attend. 

Further information will be sent to attendees prior to the event. This will include venue information, timings and a course breakdown. 

You will also be granted access to the BWL E-learning platform for supporting technique videos to help with your learning.

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Additional Information

Refunds Policy

For a course cancellation:

  • 50% of the course will be refunded if BWL is notified more than 31 days before the course (minus a 10% admin fee)
  • If BWL is notified less than 31 days before the course the cost will not be refunded
  • For any cancellation BWL can transfer the candidate to a course at a later date if notified 31 days or more prior to the course (incurring an admin fee of £50 per transfer).